February 13, 2013

Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a gift from the side of God. Several complications occur during & after pregnancy. Generally its frequency is higher in developing or under developed countries than developed countries. Due to economical & educational limitations; these complications found more in poor countries. We should know that, being pregnant is half way to womanhood, and becoming a mother is the completion. Here is some health care tips for pregnant women.

1.      Consult with your physician before becoming pregnant.
2.      Take a prenatal vitamin.
3.      Stop smoking.
4.      Take adequate rest during daily work.
5.      Take exercise with consulting your doctor.
6.      Change your food habit to nutritious food. 
7.      Eat fresh vegetables & Fruits.
Pregnancy Related Tips
8.      Avoid alcohol and Caffeine. 
9.      Be habituated to read good books.
10.  Try to pray regularly.
11.  Drink adequate water daily.
12.  Keep a food dairy.
13.  Avoid chemicals that can be harmful for your baby.
14.  Take calcium and mineral supplements.
15.  Take regular Checkups during pregnancy.

Health care during pregnancy is a very important matter & one should take proper decision about this. Care for pregnant women is best handled by trained hands and that is why before being pregnant proper plan is necessary. Obstetricians and gynecologists are medical practitioners who have been specially trained to take care of women in pregnancy and at childbirth. Family practitioners and certified nurse-midwives can provide specialized services to pregnant women such as obstetrical care, labor and delivery as well as postpartum care without the risk of complications.

Remember-“Healthy Baby is a pre-condition for Healthy Nation.”



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