February 21, 2013

How Men Can Stay Longer In Bed

Now a day sexual dysfunction is a major problem. Due to premature ejaculation men can not stay longer in bed with his partner or unable to satisfy her. If it happens continuously then someone will loss confidence. It will turn your life in a very hurtful situation.  But you can try some guidelines to get ride from this unexpected situation. These are:

1.      Apply Squeeze Method.

2.      Apply the Stop-Start Technique.

3.      Go slower sometimes during intercourse.

4.      Use De-sensitizing Condoms.

5.      Avoid Psychological Anxiety & make sex frequently.

6.      Change Your Style sometimes.

7.      Stop thinking about your orgasm.

8.      Determine how long you want to stay.

How men can stay longer in bed

9.      Maintain a positive attitude about your sexual stamina.

10.  Make Clitoral Stimulation technically.

11.  Take a tiny break.

12.  Ask your doctor about your problem.

Are you able to satisfy your partner in bed? This question may arise in your mind after sex. If your answer is ‘no’ then it may improve your anxiety which ultimately turn you to a failure man.  It’s an embarrassing situation. Try to apply these above tips, think it may help you to improve your sexual stamina or help you to stay longer in bed. 

Written By: Mahadi.


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