February 01, 2013

Be a Good Husband: 10 important Tips.

In a conjugal life, women desire a good husband forever. Because, conjugal life is an important part of life for every men & women. A man has to know, How to be a good Husband or what sort of a husband a lady looks for. It is often heard saying that a good son would be a good husband too. But I think a man should be more than just a good son to be an ideal or perfect husband. Here, I have tried to point out the desirable qualities of a Husband.

1. Be Romantic:

Its meanings vary from person to person. A true romance requires creativity and sincerity, often inspired by love. Every woman is a sucker of affection. So, try to show your love and affection to her as soon as possible. Do something different, something special that your wife wouldn't expect. The more out of the ordinary, the better! There are too many ways to express your love. Express your love in such different way which will make your wife pleased.

2. Be Honest:

A mature relationship significantly depends on honesty. It is difficult to carry on a relationship without honesty. On the other hand, truth will allow relationships to breathe. Try to prove it (through your work) to your wife that you are honest. It makes her happy & creates a special feeling for you forever. This honesty will make your relationship strongest. This will make your wife proud about your personality. Don't hide any platonic female friends you have. If she "finds out", it becomes close to impossible to convince her that you & your friend are "just friends".

3. Respect Your Wife:

It’s a key of happy & longer conjugal life. Contempt is poison in a relationship. Always try to respect your wife; she will also respect you. Never take on an attitude of superiority, such as momentary smirking, sighs of disgust or eye-rolling. Though these are insignificant, deeply show a lack of support, respect and trust, especially over a period of time. Try to give eye contact when she wants to tell you something, it means you show respect. On the other hand, if you don’t show respect she thinks that you don't care about her. This will destroy any attempt to communicate well. Never show contempt in front of others. This may make your wife more negligible, alone & hopeless. Remember, loyalty is one of the prime qualities a wife wants in her man. When men discuss problems, they want solutions. When women discuss problems, they often simply want understanding, sympathy, or a hug. 

4. Appreciate Your Wife:

Make her feel valued. Tell her how grateful you are for what she does for you. Thank your wife for her contributions in the finances, cooking your dinner and housekeeping or for organizing your social life. Praise her for her talents. Try to understand that her worth is far more than jewels. Be thankful always that such a nice girl would marry someone like you. A husband should remember that when two or more women get together to talk, they have only two subjects; babies and the shortcomings of men. Praise your wife in public, but if you notice something you'd like to comment on, please find a private moment. Don't criticize! Make concerns known in a diplomatic positive way. Do not forget to complement her.

5. Keep your wife Happy in Bed:

Intimacy (emotional and physical closeness) is important to women. Sexual intimacy is one of the most essential things in any marriage. So, this is important to make her happy in bed. Good sex plays a vital part when it comes to a satisfying relationship and if you are not skilled in bed that is going to be a major turn off. An ideal husband should remember that if he treats his wife well, she will be a jewel in his crown, a pleasure and a forever blessing.

6. Be a Good Listener:

When your wife is upset; listen, listen and listen. Resist the urge to offer advice unless she asks for it, and don't get defensive. Just listen, and show her that you are trying to understand. If you approach her like you understand what she is saying and that it will be alright; she will be willing to accept your gesture more easily. Don't try to fix everything. Remember, women don't want us to fix everything. They sometimes need to do that themselves and just need you to listen. So, try to be a good listener.

7. Be a Greatest Supporter:

Wives aren't superwomen as much as you'd expect from them. So, take care of her. Your wife may feel overwhelmed with kids and work. Don't hesitate to cook her favorite food or make her favorite drink. Try to be her greatest supporter. Be there for her when she has had a long day. Listen to her with attentive eyes. Back her up 100 percent! Always protect her, both physically and emotionally. If you have done something to hurt her, even if you didn't mean to, tell her you are sorry and show her affection. This must be sincere! There's nothing worse than an "I'm sorry" that is put on or phony. Be available for her when she needs a shoulder to cry or when she needs support from you.

8. Share Yourself:

Don’t hide yourself from your wife. Think that you are not single after marriage. If you stop sharing with one another; this can make your conjugal life difficult. Share your life with her. Share you love of things and your heart. Share your time and your problems. In short, share everything with her. Then promise to love each other forever. 

9. Think about Your Wife and her Needs:

Think about her and her needs with your heart and not with an anatomical alternative. Be gentle always; speak softly and warmly with your wife. Make her comfortable in your presence. Show her that you value her for who she is. Taking is so easy and giving is so hard. But learn to deny yourself at least a little. Bottom line on her needs: Make her feel secure. Give gifts as a surprise in her birthday, or in anniversary. On the other hand when you are out window shopping, and if there is something she likes and it's within your price range, remember it and surprise her.

10. Be Responsible:

Always seek responsibility and take responsibility for your actions. Men honor their commitments, accept their duties and are accountable for damages they incur, debts they owe and claims they make. Sometimes men make sacrifices for the people they love and care about. That's life. Remember, the opposite of talking is not waiting, it's listening. Make sure you're actually listening, not just waiting for your turn to talk. Put off a vibe that tells her that she can tell you anything. Make her feel safe.

There may have a lot of problem in ones conjugal life; but if a husband take these as a challenge and he has the above qualities, I think he will be able to overcome all the difficulties. Husbands and wives live together but make sure you spend enough quality time together. This means laughing, talking, just having fun together. Make her see that wherever you are you feel like home when you are with her. Make emotional and physical closeness according her needs. Say, “I love you” to your wife at least once in a day; which helps to get more confidence to you. 


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